When Can You Buy Car Warranty Protection

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When can you buy an extended car warranty?

Many motorists believe you can only get car warranty protection with a new car's manufacturer warranty, or a used car including a dealer warranty - they couldn’t be more wrong!

Extended car warranties have been directly sold to private motorists since the mid-nineties (in fact, MotorEasy founder Duncan McClure Fisher played a major role in this movement), but it is apparent that many are missing out on the protection these products offer.

Every week around 50,000 cars' manufacturer warranty expires, just as theses cars reach an age and mileage when they are increasingly likely to break down (for this, consider breakdown cover)! The availability of an extended warranty should therefore be very appealing, after all, peace of mind and protection from large repair bills will always be of interest to the average motorist.


Extending Manufacturer Car Warranty

Manufacturer warranty expiring but you want to keep the car for longer? This is the best time to consider extending your warranty protection as you can obtain third party coverage equivalent to the new manufacturer warranty protection - at a fraction of manufacturer extended warranty prices. 

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Extending Dealer Warranty

If you’re buying a used car privately or are worried about the quality of a dealer warranty that came with a used car purchase, get in touch to discuss your options. MotorEasy are able to offer a special "dealer wrap" car warranty that tops up your dealer warranty protection - plus if you don't use it we'll restart the protection when your dealer warranty expires.

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Renewing Extended Car Warranty 

If you've got an existing warranty expiring soon, it pays to shop around. When you do, we don't believe you'll find any UK providers that offer our levels of cover at the prices we do. We can renew an expiring manufacturer warranty or third party extended warranty, and can setup cover that goes live the day your existing protection ends - so there's no need to rush when your warranty expires.

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No Car Warranty?

You can protect your car with warranty cover for most cars less than 10 years old and 100,000 recorded miles. All you need is proof of car servicing according to the manufacturer's guidelines and you can protect your car today. If you're missing this or don't believe it has been done, simply get in touch as we can often arrange this for you - at prices up to 40% cheaper than you'd expect to pay at a main dealer. MotorEasy offers flexible warranty plans to cover almost every car and scenario.

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The car on your driveway is a crucial everyday for work an pleasure and - for most of us - the second most expensive purchase we'll make. Extended warranty cover helps you keep it for longer without worrying about the increased likelihood of repairs as the car ages. An investment today that will protect your finances tomorrow.

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