GAP Insurance Case Study: Getting You Back On The Road

By: Motor Easy
GAP Insurance from MotorEasy

I Won't Need It... Will I?

David is one of MotorEasy's valued members, he has a GAP Insurance policy with us, in fact he has had two. After buying his new Volkswagen Golf David was offered GAP Insurance by the dealer, as most of us are when we buy a new or used car. He decided not to proceed with it, and left it a while until deciding that nagging doubt got too much. After shopping around, he purchased a GAP Insurance policy from MotorEasy. 



"MotorEasy made everything simple and the claims process was incredibly easy"

Just days later David had to claim as he was involved in an accident that was not his fault. His car insurer decided the car was a write off and the value they had for the vehicle was significantly less than he'd recently paid for the vehicle.

Usually, David would have been significantly out of pocket at this stage, and forced to either downgrade his car or fund the difference between the invoice price and it's new "market value".


GAP Insurance Online

However, as he'd taken out GAP Insurance with MotorEasy, he was able to register a claim. After completing a few questions and providing proof of the write off from his insurer, his GAP Insurance settlement came through promptly - allowing David to go shopping for his replacement vehicle without being out of pocket.

Is GAP Insurance worth it?

With his GAP Insurance settlement paid, David was able to buy a new car and return to MotorEasy for another GAP Insurance policy on the new vehicle.

The proof that the claim would be handled quickly and professionally at a much better price than the dealer he bought his new car from was all David needed to come back and purchase again.

A Volkswagen dealership offered him the same cover as MotorEasy but for £180 more at £299, and a BMW dealership wanted £399, an astonishing £270 more than his MotorEasy GAP Insurance quote!

David said: "Before the crash I didn't see the need for GAP Insurance but now I wouldn't be without it. MotorEasy made everything simple and the claims process was incredibly easy. There is quite a bit of paper work to fill out but they talk you through everything and answer all your questions. I would definitely recommend them to anyone dubious about the need for GAP Insurance."

Don't delay - you never know when you could be involved in an accident that leaves you without a car. 

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